Tanya Jacques, LSM Safety CoordinatorLSM Safety program

LSM Lee’s Sheet Metal is committed to a strong safety program that protects staff, property, public and public property from losses.

Long before safety became an industry standard, LSM developed a safety program and in 1993, received a Certificate of Recognition (COR). We have maintained our COR and our strong commitment to safety for over two decades.

LSM’s Safety department is responsible for supporting management and workers in their daily activities. All LSM employees actively participate in our safety program: by following all Safe Work Practices, Safe Job Procedures, completing all safety paperwork as required, and suggesting improvements. They also perform job site inspections and field level hazard assessments.

Our safety program consists of:


  • All new and returning employees must participate in the company orientation.
  • LSM supports and encourages apprentice training.
  • LSM employees are required to take safety training depending on requirements of their jobs or site requirements. These include, but limited to: First Aid, H2S, WHMIS, TDG, Fall Arrest, AWP, CSTS, LSE (Leadership for Safety Excellence).

Communication through:

  • Toolbox meetings – we discuss safety procedures, Safe Work Practices, and other pertinent safety topics. We also review and discuss any near misses or incidents with the employees.
  • Regular employee reviews.

Monitoring of:

  • Incidents and near misses to determine corrective measures using root cause analysis.
  • Safety statistics and summary reports are reviewed with employees and management.
  • Job site and vehicle inspections.
  • Safety audits are conducted internally yearly and every three years by a third party auditor.  Results are reviewed with employees and management.


  • Every year we have a Safety Breakfast to honour employees that exemplify safety and workmanship.

Our customers benefit too. As a result of our safety program and resulting discounted WCB rates, we are able to provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the safety of our workers or the quality of our products or services.

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