How much is a water heater replacement?

We offer three different gas water heating options:

  1. Chimney vented water tanks: these tanks can be replaced with like models.
  2. Power-vented water tanks: these tanks have an exhaust motor and are vented using PVC.
  3. On-Demand: Commonly confused with instant hot water option, on-demand installations will require an-in-home consultation. 

To provide you with a proper quote, we need a few details about your current water heater, as well as additional information about your home. Please call 780-532-4418 to start a conversation with our qualified team today.

How much is air conditioning installation or furnace replacements?

Furnace replacements and air conditioning installation prices start at $3500.00, varying depending on the model and other options you choose. 

Setting up a consultation with one of our specialists can help determine a more accurate estimate. During this consultation with our Home Comfort Advisor, heat loss, heat gain, air flow in addition to square footage is used to size units custom to your home. We then generate a written quote which includes required permits and have a 60-day guarantee.  

A consultation with one of our Comfort Advisor and or Installation Technicians is also required for quote request on: 

  • renovations
  • legal suite additions
  • insurance claims
  • the addition of gas utilities requiring gas line alternation
  • special ventilation.

Price ranges can be provided for standard services such as basement development, the addition of range hoods, bathroom fans. For more information about this or to schedule your in-home consultation, please call 780-532-4418.

What is IAQ?

IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality: literally the quality of air inside and around buildings, structures, and homes. This takes into account comfort and health of all occupants, including potentially negative health effects.

This wide term encompasses the heating, cooling, ventilation, filtration as well as humidity in your home. Please call 780-532-4418 or email: homecomfort@golsm.com any concerns and we can start a conversation. Or, check submit a service request on our Contact page

What kind of budget should be expected for a commercial HVAC project?

Depending on the size of your building and your team, this can vary greatly. To start a conversation on what budget your commercial building may need for HVAC project, we encourage you to give our expert team a call today at 780-532-4418.