Grande Prairie Regional Hospital – HVAC Project

Services: HVAC

Grande Prairie Hospital Alberta LSM HVAC Mechanical installation

Building Size: 680,000 sq. ft.

Service: HVAC Installation

All large-scale projects require greater communication and higher technical skills to execute properly. A project of this scale required even more from our team.

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital project is a 680,000 square-foot HVAC job. Since this was for a hospital, we had to consider a variety of thermal conditions. We also had to meet higher health codes for reliability and hygiene to service this 132-bed hospital.

Throughout the project, the infection prevention and control CSA-Z317.13 was used to protect the system from contaminants during the construction. We staged fabricated ductwork in clean rooms prior to installation. These rooms were kept pressurized during the construction with HEPA-filtered air. We also covered all openings with plastic coverings and pressurized the system with HEPA-filtered air. Before starting up the air systems, we completed a thorough power vac cleaning to remove any lingering debris.

Completing an HVAC system for a hospital means considering code requirements, yet it’s necessary to keep in mind that every hospital needs an HVAC system that’s customized for its own needs. At the start of the project, we made sure to implement the HVAC system specific to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital’s design.

Due to the height-constraints of the nearby airport, the hospital needed to be constructed with no interstitial floors for mechanical or electrical systems. To aid coordination during the construction process,  Revit’s BIM modelling software was used. This software allowed mechanical, electrical, and HVAC to fully model the HVAC system prior to installation, eliminating interference and providing for maintenance accessibility.