micro-Cogeneration, Making $ense

June 10, 2020

Will a cogeneration system work for your building or facility?

First, we need to understand what a cogeneration system is and how it is best used to maximize its benefits and financial returns for your applications. Cogeneration is the simultaneous generation of heat and power, for commercial buildings and or industrial applications. Cogeneration is also known as “combined heat and power” (CHP).

Traditionally we all understand this process as two separate systems, one that creates hot water and another that is used to create electricity. Combined heat and power systems have revolutionized this by combining these two independent functions into one complete system. Using natural gas (or other), a CHP system generates heat with on or off-grid electricity as a by-product of this process. When compared to using hot water boilers in conjunction with conventional power as supplied from your current utility provider, these environmentally friendly systems are 30% to 50% more efficient. Offering a quick return on your investment.

Able to be installed outside or inside your building, these whisper-quiet CHP systems not only reduce your energy costs, but they also reduce consumption and drastically lower your GHG emissions. When powered with renewable natural gas, these sustainable solutions may very-well help you yield net-zero emission results.

Cogeneration solutions have been around for decades, today’s “micro” CHP systems can be installed in large-scale homes, commercial buildings and or in commercial applications. Energy is generated behind the meter, next to the building or commercial activity requiring power or hot water, avoiding the traditional utility surcharges, etc. Installation is easy and can be installed by most licensed local service professionals.

micro CHP systems have proven to be extremely reliable, very efficient, and environmentally friendly while offering instantaneous financial returns. For a free CHP energy assessment of your business needs,

please contact info@lsmenergysolutions.com for assistance.

micro-Cogeneration, Making $ense